During our first few days as Corporate Management Trainees (CMT), we were reminded of the tremendous opportunities we would be given. The newly developed Corporate Management Trainee program exposes new graduates to the core functions of Kraft Heinz. More importantly, we have had leaders within the organization come in and present their reasons for joining Kraft Heinz, and encouraged us to take advantage of the fact that we could approach them anytime for advice.

This was something new to me, especially since my prior work experience was in companies where I would only ever talk to those in my department. This exposure gave us a tremendous sense of pride and we were excited to end our first week after having spoken to senior leaders in the company.

On Friday, we were tasked with assisting a team of individuals at the North York Harvest Food Bank. We arrived at 9 in the morning and were warmly welcomed by the team at the food bank. We were then given a quick tour of the facility. It was fascinating to see the amount of food items that were unused. The tour also provided us with an understanding of the challenges of malnutrition that continue to affect low income families in the city.

It was great to see that these items could be used to help those in need. After the tour, we were asked to sort out food items and place them into designated boxes to be shipped to various locations throughout Toronto. We split up into different teams. One team would build cardboard boxes, while another team would sort food items and place them in specific boxes. After a few hours had passed, we had finished boxing over 100 boxes with over two thousand pounds of food to be sent to various locations! We ended our day at the food bank with a photograph of all of us holding one of the many Kraft Heinz products that were being donated.

Throughout our time as volunteers, two things were apparent. First, it became apparent to us that a lot of individuals and families may depend on packaged, non-perishable food items in order to receive adequate nutrition. This really put into perspective Kraft Heinz’s goal of putting its consumers first, while providing them with quality food.

Second, the whole experience of volunteering at a food bank was something that I did not expect. I have often seen companies take their long-time employees to volunteer events. However, I have never heard of employees engaging in volunteer activities within their first week of work. To me, this put into perspective the values that Kraft Heinz stands for. It was clear to me that Kraft Heinz values leaders who are grounded and have not lost sight of the bigger picture. I am truly grateful that we were able to make a small contribution to the community in the first week of our program.

I look forward to volunteering again.

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