At the blink of an eye, two weeks have gone by and all of us were excited to start on our third week together – Marketing week. What comes to mind when you think of marketing? Prior to this week, I would think of an advertisement on TV or some salespeople promoting a product in store, but not much more. It turned out that at Kraft Heinz, marketing is not only an art, but also a science: it is not just the production of something that looks pretty; there is a substantial amount of data analytics that goes into all processes in Marketing. Here, successful marketing is not by chance. It is done by thoroughly understanding our customers, the competitive landscape, and subsequently taking appropriate actions that are supported by numbers and statistics.

Throughout the course of the week, we “deep-dived” (a term we often use to describe thorough analysis) into all kinds of exciting things that our colleagues in Marketing own: innovation, packaging, consumer relations management (CRM)… just to name a few. One interesting fact we learned is that our culinary website, “What’s cooking” (, is one of the top 8 food websites in Canada with 33 million visits per year. During the presentation, we even had the chance to sample delicious piña colada cupcakes made with Kraft Heinz products as our afternoon snack!

Of course, the learning experience would not be complete without putting our freshly acquired marketing knowledge and skills to use. We worked on two case studies that complemented each other – one was more data-driven and the other was more focused on creative thinking. We put our time management skills to test when we were only given two hours to analyze a large set of data and prepare a deck to present to the Marketing Leadership Team (MLT). On the other project, we let our minds wander and applied creative thinking by visiting different stores and coming up with new packaging and shelving ideas for one of our products.

Being part of the Kraft Heinz family, we continue to learn more about our company every day. During this week, we attended our first global employee meeting hosted by our CEO, Bernardo Hees.  He reviewed our company’s performance across all zones for Q1 and Q2, and provided areas of improvement as we strive to meet our goals in 2H. During the meeting, Bernardo repeatedly emphasized how important it is to develop people in our company. Given our incredible experience in the last few weeks, we feel very lucky to be part of the Corporate Management Trainee Program (CMTP). We truly hope that we will grow together with our company.

As we wrapped up our Marketing week, we are now at the halfway point of our six-week classroom-based training. Over the past three weeks, we went from fresh new graduates from different schools, to a group of closely bonded colleagues and friends. In another three weeks, we will be placed in different functions, working on different projects, but we will always continue working together and supporting each other.

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