I do not think I will ever walk through a grocery store the same way again. This week was sales week, week 5 at Kraft Heinz. We spent a whole afternoon and a full day out in the stores with a sales rep. During our trips, we looked at the displays, shelves and product placement. It was very eye-opening to see all the tasks that sales people at Kraft Heinz are responsible for. Most of us have a preconceived notion of what a salesperson is. They negotiate their product into the store. I had no idea they are also in charge of all the displays, restocking the shelves, and making sure the ads in the flyers correlate with the displays in the store.

A common theme throughout training at Kraft Heinz is the cross-functional atmosphere. Sales people are in contact with not only other sales people, but with marketing and finance teams as well. All these teams work together to be able to get the product to the consumer in a consistent way. No matter what part of business you are in, you get to work with all the other areas of business. It makes me very excited to get started on my own project, as I know I will have a chance to make a change in multiple areas of the business, not just in the function I work in.

Overall, this experience has been a whirlwind. From multiple cases per week, to bussing to Chicago, there has certainly never been a dull moment. In addition, the weekly face-time with the leadership team is unique to any other company. How many people can say they have personally meant the CMO, CFO, and CEO within weeks of starting at a company? It’s unheard of. The transparency is incredible, and I definitely now see why Kraft Heinz is not only an industry leader, but also an example for other companies.

There is a quote by Steve Jobs that says “it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” This theory has been practiced many times during the training process. We as trainees are given the tools and resources needed to succeed, then it is up to us to steer the company. It is very refreshing to be straight out of university but yet feel as valued and as part of the business as I do at Kraft Heinz.

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