We were in the final stretch of our training program – our prospective projects and placements would be announced by the end of the week. Many of us were excited to hear about the possibility of working on unique projects. We were soon notified however, of a new challenge. Our project announcements would be delayed due to the extension of our training program by an extra week. Many of us were thoroughly surprised at the sudden twist – we were truly out of our comfort zone yet again. It was announced that we would be given an hour to come up with a completely new innovation and that we would have to pitch it to a panel of senior level executives from the innovation team. The three winning pitches would eventually be selected and the individuals behind the winning ideas would be named “CMO” of their respective team. The team would be responsible for creating a PowerPoint deck known as an “Opportunity Assessment.”

This was unique to us because it would involve a combination of everything that we have learned in weeks prior. For example, we would have to use our knowledge in Finance to come up with a feasibility analysis and use necessary assumptions about costing to come up with a well-reasoned Profit and Loss (P&L) Statement. In addition, we would be tasked with coming up with a Marketing Plan and Framework as well as use our experience during in-store and factory visits to identify shelving opportunities in retail stores as well as supply chain constraints and opportunities. There was a lot to think about but we were determined to win – as the successful team would see their product launched by the company!

It was interesting to hear some of the ideas that people had with regards to new innovation. In the end, the three teams worked tirelessly to reach out to different departments within the organization to source financials, and other relevant data in order to create a strong case for their innovation. We were given three days to complete the project.

The last day of our training week brought us back to a familiar place – the North York Harvest Food Bank, where we originally volunteered a few weeks back. It was great being back, and the staff were more than happy to welcome us. As soon as we arrived, we put on our aprons and gloves and began sorting the non-perishable food items into boxes for delivery for families in need! It was extremely fulfilling to be reminded of the type of company that we work for and that at the end of the day, we are a company that not only makes great food for people, but lends a helping hand to those in need.

Upon our return to the office, we were welcomed by our HR Team. They called us into a conference room where they announced our individual placements and projects. Some of us would get a full-time role, while others would be given the opportunity to tackle a real-life business problem. Each role had its challenges and many of us were pleasantly surprised to be placed in teams that we were keenly interested in from the start. Above all, we felt ready – after the weeks of intense training and case problems – to take on anything that came our way. I look forward to the beginning of my career journey at Kraft Heinz.

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