After 7 weeks of training, we couldn’t be more prepared and excited to join specific functions and start contributing to the business. August 29th marked the start of our projects – some of us would be placed in full-time roles as well. The connections we forged during the first seven weeks, especially with managers and senior leaders, proved to be critical as we hit the ground running in our own respective teams.

Coming in on Monday was quite a deviation from the “norm” of gathering in the first floor meeting room for training. Instead of this, we each reported to our assigned functions and managers to get acquainted with our roles. The trainees placed in marketing jumped right into Nielsen training, while some other trainees spent the morning gaining access to shared drives and downloading systems. Come afternoon, all trainees were fully set up and were in the beginning phase of their respective projects.

As the week progressed and the trainees got more comfortable with the new environment, we began to realize the importance and impact of the projects we were working on. These weren’t projects or tasks designed to keep us busy, but rather, priority projects that had real deadlines and real tangible, measurable impact. For example, one of our trainees, as part of his project, spent Tuesday interviewing members of the executive leadership team. After having spoken to several trainees, there appeared to be some commonalities in our experience so far, such as the responsibility and expectation to deliver on our projects. Above all, the training in the past seven weeks proved to be indispensable, as it has helped us understand how each function interacts with each other.

As we reflect back on this week, we got to realize that this is an organization that certainly “walks the talk.” It’s one thing to hear about ownership and meritocracy throughout recruiting and training, but its refreshing to see that these are prevalent elements within the organization. All in all, this week allowed us to experience what it was like to truly act as an owner in this organization, and I can tell you, it is an amazing feeling!

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