Going into the second week after the placement, all the trainees have now adapted to their new roles and are excited for new challenges. Kraft Heinz really expects us to roll up our sleeves and dive right into work from day one – this was apparent when we began our placements. We were given lots of opportunities and resources in our respective roles. This was very fulfilling, as we ended each day having gained valuable knowledge. Even though we had very busy schedules, most of the trainees still managed to meet up during lunch time to share their experiences with one another.

I was placed into Supply Chain. Currently, my week contains lots of training and participation in different meetings to familiarize myself with the systems’ operations. For someone who had no prior experience in this function, it was eye-opening to be able to dive deeper into how important Supply Chain was to the whole company’s operation.

Furthermore, in Supply Chain, rituals and routines are critical. Sitting in a two hour meeting on a daily basis was part of our routine in order to ensure we have forward-looking contingency plans and risk mitigation strategies in place especially during demand and supply planning. There were also immersive training sessions conducted by ‘super-users’ from the Head Office in Chicago, in order to coach us on planning system for a whole week. We were told that such training happened every quarter to make sure Supply Chain planners could learn from each other and enhance communications among themselves.

Besides that, I learned a lot from my mentor and other colleagues in the team by shadowing and listening to their insightful comments in the meetings. Another key thing I found was the fact that each role was highly cross-functional and interacted with multiple functions. It’s impossible to isolate a role – leveraging expertise from various aspects truly brings efficiency and value to our work. For example, I learned that Supply Chain often works closely with Finance in order to monitor budget and Sales in order to forecast accurately. Without a doubt, such dynamics and communication among these functions will help drive better decision-making.

In conclusion, the most challenging but exciting part for me was the realization that I was taking on more responsibilities every day and that I am actually making an impact on the business. There is no easy role within the company and every role is important. At the end of the day, we all work together, and as a result we all play a role in moving the company forward to a better position every day. We are thrilled and eager to become the owners of our new roles and to keep doing bigger things in the company every day!

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