2017 – Week 1: People, the Heart of the Company

Week 1

On a sunny Tuesday morning in the Cracker Barrel meeting room at the Kraft Heinz offices in Toronto, fifteen bright-eyed young individuals began an exciting new chapter in their careers: the Corporate Management Trainee program. The purpose of this program is to give a strong foundation to a group of dedicated individuals to succeed at the fast-paced company that is Kraft Heinz. Our goal as Trainees is to get to know the company and its culture while building relations with people from around the organization.

Throughout the six-week program, we will be meeting with leaders from all areas of the company to learn about their career journeys, their roles in the company, and their MBOs (management by objectives), which guide their work.

This week, we met the People & Performance team. This team covers responsibilities including people compensation, talent development, performance, total rewards, and many other responsibilities to support attracting, retaining and developing talent at the head office and factory levels in Canada.

We also heard from the Legal & Corporate Affairs team, which handles subjects such as policy compliance, government affairs, crisis management, and making sure all our product packaging and advertisements are legally compliant.

One of the highlights of this week was a market mission assignment, where we were split into groups and given the profile of a unique (hypothetical) shopper. Our challenge was to go to the grocery store and shop as if we were that person. This activity gave us the opportunity to step into the shoes of the unique shopper and truly understand the wide range of consumers of Kraft Heinz’s products. As Trainees, we will be completing many more exercises just like this, which will help us learn more about Kraft Heinz’s different business units and department functions, and teach us skills that will prepare us for our projects and eventual placements.

Later in the week, we also had the opportunity to have an open Q&A with the Canadian Zone President who answered all of our questions with complete transparency.

We also got more occasions to work as a team through a case study presentation and a volunteering opportunity at a foodbank.  For most of us, this was one of the week’s key highlights as we discovered the impact we could make by serving food to the members of the community. It really reinstated the importance of giving back to the community, and was an excellent example of Kraft Heinz’s vision of Growing a Better World.

At the end of the week, to the Trainees had an opportunity to network with all cohorts from Kraft Heinz’s University Relations program.  This provided a meaningful opportunity to connect with our peers, including new interns and a previous cohort of trainees, to share our unique experiences which brought us to Kraft Heinz.

Meeting so many people from the leadership team and other functions reinforced the tight-knit culture that Kraft Heinz employees live by, making us more excited for the weeks to come!

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