This past week, the Corporate Management Trainee cohort was given the opportunity to interact with and learn from various leaders within the Kraft Heinz sales team. By the end of the week, our collective impression on what it means to work in sales had drastically changed. Many of us who initially had little interest in sales are now very open and excited about a role in Sales.

The job shadowing experiences we had this week were very rewarding. On Tuesday, we ventured to various grocery stores with Leaders of the Field Sales team where we had the chance to observe a store visit from their perspective. Then on Wednesday, we split off into three teams and experienced a day in the life of a Kraft Heinz Sales Representative. We gained valuable experience observing how the Sales Representatives addressed the needs of each unique customer. Additionally, it was interesting to see the amount of analytics that goes into planning your day as a Sales Representative. Overall, these job shadowing experiences played a big role in changing our outlook on consumer demands and what it takes to be successful in a Sales role.

A question frequently asked throughout the week was “could you explain your tasks on a day to day basis?”. Responses were always detailed, but they were most informative when we got to sit down one-on-one with the Customer Business and Insights team. Every trainee was assigned to shadow a Customer Category Manager or Category Advisor to get more exposure into their daily responsibilities which provided us with a great opportunity to ask more questions! One of the many key takeaways from this experience was that at Kraft Heinz, regardless of an individual’s functions, the level of cross-functional tasks required to perform is high which provides a great opportunity to build diverse experience.

Reflecting upon the week, we have been very fortunate for the exposure we’ve received and the opportunities we have already been given at Kraft Heinz. Notably, this week we had the opportunity to meet the Global Head of People, Performance and Information Technology, the Head of Sales and Foodservice, numerous members of the Sales Leadership team, along with all the other employees who took time out of their very business schedules to provide us with full immersion of their roles and functions. It’s rare for a recent graduate elsewhere to be exposed to such opportunities. We have learned a lot this week through the store visits and job shadowing. Witnessing the way Kraft Heinz is nurturing us and developing us, shows us why they are the best in the industry. We have come to realize that the biggest competitive advantage Kraft Heinz has is its ability to develop leaders and give opportunities to employees which might be unimaginable elsewhere.


Sales week post

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