2017- Week 3: Brands, Insights and Data

Week three of the Corporate Management Trainee Program was focused on Marketing. During the week, we met leaders of various marketing teams and discovered that marketing at Kraft Heinz is not only about advertising and creativity, but also about data analysis and understanding consumers’ needs. In addition to focusing on marketing the existing Kraft Heinz brands, the department also focuses on developing product innovations for all of Kraft Heinz’s product sectors.

We also learned how new products are launched, and received a visit from one of our agency partners who walked us through how advertisements are created. Hearing from many members of the marketing team, it was evident that everyone has a huge passion for their brands!

In the later part of the week, we put our learnings into action with two different case studies which challenged us on real business problems. The case studies tested our creative and analytical abilities. After getting more experience working in teams, we had the opportunity to test our presentation skills and also gained valuable feedback from those in the marketing function who are currently working on these business challenges.

Near the end of the week, the CIO and Head of People and Performance in the US spoke with us via telepresence from the US headquarters in Chicago. They both emphasized how crucial it is to develop talent in our company. We also had a Q&A session with the Canadian CMO, where he shared his career learnings at the company as well as shared his vision of the future of marketing. Hearing about his experiences at Kraft Heinz and the future of marketing at the company made us even more excited about starting our careers here.

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