To commence the fourth week of the Corporate Management Trainee (CMT) Program, we got to attend presentations from the Canadian Zone CFO and the various finance leads that highlighted the cross-functional nature of the work at Kraft Heinz. Highlights of the presentation included meeting the leaders of BBP, Revenue Management, Foodservice Finance, Working Capital, Sales Finance, and Tax & Control. We ended the day with a deep dive into a logistics finance project that gave us the opportunity to appreciate how financial decisions can have a substantial impact on the business.

Tuesday marked our first global employee meeting, where we heard from the Kraft Heinz US CEO Bernardo Hees about the progress of the company globally. This was our first exposure to Kraft Heinz operations around the world, and it allowed us to learn about the unique aspects of each zone. The meeting ended with an open Q&A forum that exhibited how committed teams were to achieving company goals. To top everything off, the entire office got to enjoy the “Summer’s Better with Heinz” activation, where we got the chance to personalize bottles of Heinz ketchup and enjoyed an office-wide barbeque.

On Wednesday, we took an in-depth look at Zero Based Budgeting (ZBB) and how this methodology is embraced across the company. After learning about the methodology, we had the opportunity to work on a group case to propose new innovative ideas to the ZBB team. It was an exciting case to work on since it tackled a real business challenge. Everyone proposed unique ideas, some of which will be explored further by the ZBB team. It was rewarding for us to know that we are able to have an impact on the business just weeks into the CMT program.

On Thursday, the day kicked off with the opportunity to sit in on a commodities meeting. It’s easy to forget how many factors stand between us and millions of Canadians’ plates each year! After the meeting, it was time for us to apply our skills with a retail pricing finance case. We dove deep into the factors that affect our top line and profit margins. After some diligent case prep, we finished the day presenting to the Finance Leadership Team.

Friday began with an excel workshop; it is truly remarkable how far we’ve come in just four weeks! Few have quickly progressed from basic skills to burning through worksheets using only keyboard shortcuts. We were also given time today to network around the office and setup individual coffee chats with members of the business.  The day finished with a look into the development of a P&L; hoping we will be leveraging this lesson when we get our projects in two weeks!


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