University Relations 2018 – Week 1 – Growing a Better World

Kraft Heinz University Relations - Canada Zone - Week 1 2018

Our first week in our new jobs fresh out of university could not have been a better one. The Corporate Management Trainee (CMT) program at Kraft Heinz has offered everything but regular orientation training. This is because Kraft Heinz prides itself in giving back to the community and ensuring that corporate social responsibility is part of our everyday routine and long term vision. Notably, our 2018 cohort of trainees and MBAs even volunteered at a local food bank one morning. This served as the highlight of our first week at Kraft Heinz because we learned that Kraft Heinz employees truly live by their words, “to be the best food company, growing a better world”.

At the food bank, all of us got involved with various tasks, from unloading trucks full of goods to packing boxes full of nutritious food items. Until witnessing it firsthand, none of us realized how much team effort is involved in running a food bank efficiently. Beyond that, our cohort built a sense of camaraderie and appreciation for giving back to the local community in the Greater Toronto Area, one of which many of us call home.

This first week alone has provided us with a vast perspective on how this company operates and which values it lives by. The leadership team has instilled a sense of ownership and integrity into the organizational culture at Kraft Heinz, one where employees are encouraged to act positively for the community beyond just doing business. Given this meaningful start to an incredibly rewarding program, we’re excited to partake in Kraft Heinz’s efforts in growing a better world.


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