University Relations 2018 – Week 2 – On the Road!

Kraft Heinz University Relations - Canada Zone - Week 2, 2018

In our 2nd week at Kraft Heinz Canada, both Corporate Management Trainees and MBAs were given the opportunity to travel to the Ingleside and Mount Royal plants. Once there, we saw firsthand how Kraft Heinz classics such as Kraft peanut butter, Kraft Dinner, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, and new innovations such as Cracker Barrel Tex Mex shredded cheese, are brought to life. We were even given the chance to work directly on the production line!

The sheer scale of some products (ex: 4 ft. tall blocks of natural cheese!) and the level of automation was a sight to behold. One does not even begin to comprehend the magnitude of production within the Canada Zone until stepping foot in the Mount Royal plant. But above all, it was the facilities’ strong focus on safety and quality that impressed us the most. Traffic control mechanisms, injury prevention systems, allergen containment routines, and more – all developed to ensure a safe environment for people and product alike. Safety is taken so seriously that a safety examination was even administered to those visiting to ensure a thorough understanding of the strict codes of conduct and safety protocols governing the plants. Kraft Heinz’s dedication to workplace and food safety can even be demonstrated through our attire (pictured above) – fully equipped with ear plugs, glasses, hard hats, hair nets and, steel toed boots!

Experiencing and witnessing the manufacturing and production processes firsthand added yet another piece to the puzzle, as we continue our learning journey. What are the manufacturing implications we should be considering back at the head office as we develop company strategy and design new innovations in the years to come? How can we achieve our dreams to WIN BIG, without sacrificing our duty of care to the people we employ, as well as our duty of quality to our customers and consumers?

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